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The Sales Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

  • Started by the founder of Kayak
  • Started as B2C but most active users were business people
  • Gene from HubSpot is running marketing
  • Third round of funding
  • Was slow recognizing the opportunity
  • They did a great job democratizing access to information to the public
  • Corporate travel booking was a pain
  • Serve three personas
    • Road warrior
    • Admin/Assistant
    • Finance teams (who dislike salespeople who don't submit expenses)
  • The most under-valued virtue is discipline
  • You need to work and build to your future self


  • Discipline is key...while balancing/avoiding paralysis by analysis
  • Remember the humans behind the titles
  • Treat people like people to drive word-of-mouth
  • Set proper expectations to reduce the emotions of the business interaction
  • The lines between business and personal have merged so business is more flexible and personable and casual
  • Millennials get a bad rap
  • Find the hard workers in the interview process
  • Newer brand with high-velocity sales cycle (5-7 per month)
  • To make any sale you must make every sale
  • The three C's of Selling
    • Confidence
    • Competence
    • Credibility
  • Find the pain
  • Know the why for the buyer
  • Know the playbook so well that you can bend the rules
  • Do cold calls still exist?
  • The rules of three for your research
    • 3 minutes research
    • 3 compelling events/interesting facts
  • Is rapport over-rated
  • The hardest thing to do in sales is to get a response
  • The chili recipe
    • We know 80% of the ingredients
    • But the winner has a secret ingredient and process
  • Be curious. Be a lifelong learner
  • The three questions for on-boarding new salespeople by Andrew Quinn
    • How do they make money?
    • Do they want to make more money?
    • Can I help them make more money?

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