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The Sales Podcast

May 27, 2016

  • How to leverage curiosity into a profitable business and career
  • How and why you should follow a thread and iterate to create entirely new businesses based on your original idea to respond to market feedback and market demand
  • How to do what you're already good at to expand your entrepreneurial ideas
  • How being lazy can be a benefit to entrepreneurs
  • Why he says "SEO is a house of cards" and "SEO is bullshit"
  • What the alternative to SEO is
  • What to do before you buy another money making course
  • Why "making money" is a bad reason to go into business
  • How to approach (and run away from) most mastermind and coaching programs
  • What you should be doing instead of working on your business plan if you want successful entrepreneurs like Jeremy to invest in your business
  • How to get more for consulting work
  • How to close more consulting work without being pushy or greedy or manipulative
  • How to really work a conference and not go broke