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The Sales Podcast

Oct 10, 2013

Barbara Khozam, Chemist, Professional Volleyball Player, Author, and Customer Service Expert Shares Her Advice On Growing Your Business From Within.

Hear the complete interview on The Sales Podcast with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.

From a career as a chemist for 10 years and a professional volleyball player to a professional speaker, author, trainer, and consultant on customer service, Barbara Khozam lets her hair down and gives us great insight into how to follow your dreams and build a business on a solid foundation.

Barbara lived below her means, which gave her the freedom to quit her job when things didn’t go the way she was promised. That type of freedom is priceless.

She found out cold-calling with a chemistry background wasn’t the right mixture for her!

Her training and competitive nature as a professional athlete prepared her well for her career as an entrepreneur and consultant.

Now she speaks on the importance of recognition for staff and it was the lack of recognition that drove her away from her corporate job.

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