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The Sales Podcast

Oct 29, 2021

PR Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Newsmax host
  • Started at the bottom as a journalism major
  • Must be willing to do anything and everything they ask of you
  • You must put content out there
    • Blog
    • Videos
    • Got quoted as an expert and that led to more business
  • Be passionate
  • Does PR still work?
  • Give people advice is the best way to market yourself."


  • We're getting our news on social media
  • It's good that your clients see that you are in the media
  • It's social proof
  • Your prospects will research you
  • More people are visiting social media to see what's out there on you
  • You can pitch yourself on different topics
  • Start local
  • Think of what's timely or trending
  • Get creative
  • Use Google to see what those in your industry are showing up for
  • Local stations want to zoom in on national topics
  • Use a simple pitch
  • Local news will take a chance but they will Google you
  • Local is not always live if it's for a typical segment
  • Local news reporters will be kind and help you stay calm
  • You do need to practice
  • When you're being interviewed and they are interjecting little signals you need to know that you are probably running long
  • Most reporters prefer email and do not prefer calls
  • Reporters love texts if they know you
  • Follow up because they get hammered with pitches
  • Use smart angles to connect with reporters
  • Find the assignment editor at a local station unless you know the reporter
    • Usually a day-side and a night-side editor
    • They want your stories
    • Some have beat reporters that focus on a topic
    • Reporters have to pitch stories to the editor/producer and good stories help them look good
  • Marketing your book is harder than writing it
  • Give people advice is the best way to market yourself
  • Be yourself as you create the tips and content
  • Show bloopers
  • Video is king now and Reels are big on Instagram

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