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The Sales Podcast

Nov 12, 2021

Emotional Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • He's an emotions expert
  • Not mind control
  • It's a feedback loop
  • We've all been lied to...hint...deflect...hold back
  • Emotions, momentum, etc. matter
  • Facial encoding
  • Find a better course of action when you can read people
  • Salespeople see what's happening at the grassroots level
  • Body language is limited in its ability
  • Facial coding can get you into seven emotions
  • Two dominant emotions are happiness and anger
    • Approach emotions
    • Happiness: open to consideration
    • Anger: approaching to strike you
      • Maybe confused
      • Eyebrows come together and go down
      • Lips purse together so hard and you get a bulge on the bottom
      • Snake eyes: I'll defy you
      • He was trying to displace an incumbent in a sales opportunity but took a bad approach and saw the lip bulge and never recovered
      • He won another sale and in his euphoric state he missed some signals in his next sale and lost that one
    • If you talk too much you'll talk yourself out of the sale
    • Look for valence: onboard or not onboard
    • Leonardo Davinci
    • Contempt and trust are key in sales
    • A smirk can look like a smile if we're not paying attention
    • Look for the "Mona Lisa smile"
    • The face is the only place where the muscles attach directly to the skin
    • Writing is painful but forces you to learn
    • Focus on contrasts because we're simple creatures
    • Facial coding, "By the age of 50, a man has the face he deserves." George Orwell
    • Myers-Briggs is limited
      • Doesn't allow for neuroticism
      • About 40% of us are neurotic
    • The Big Five or OCEAN
      • Openness to Experiences
      • Conscientiousness
      • Extraversion
      • Agreeableness
      • Neuroticism

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