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The Sales Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

  • Work on yourself
  • Daily devotional
  • Challenge question
  • Not a "how-to"
  • It's more of a "why-to"
  • What's in your head? What's your mindset?
  • Calendars and "seasons" in the book
  • Trust yourself and your judgment
  • Get out of the imposter syndrome
  • Learn...

Jan 13, 2020

  • Does it pay to work for free?
  • Be strategic to get the free press
  • Start creating content
  • Make videos in your car with your smartphone
  • If you build it they will come
  • Establish relationships with local news people
    • Find them on Twitter
    • Like and...

Dec 28, 2019

  • Page speed impacts lead conversion
  • The mobile experience is quite different ("mobile moments")
  • Up to 150 mobile moments per day per  visitor
  • You must load quickly for 3G to 5G visitors
  • You can't just focus on the...

Dec 24, 2019

  • The T3 Framework: Tactics. Talent. Tech. 
  • Worked on helping Fortune 500 companies get their acts together
  • Use analytics to get the right people on board to grow
  • Foosball and bean bag chairs are not investments in your people
  • Automation does...

Dec 20, 2019

Today, Wes Schaeffer (The Sales Podcast) had the pleasure of talking with Daniel Ramsey (MyOutDesk).

Daniel Ramsey has been in the industry since 2001, running a Real Estate and Development company. After several years of great success, Daniel realized that realtors spent too much time working on tasks that are...