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The Sales Podcast

Aug 20, 2014

About Today's Guest

Sebastian Rusk on The Sales Podcast

Sebastian Rusk had a daughter at 22 and learned what hustle is all about. After the real estate market crashed in 2008 he had to start over. And that's exactly what he did. Hear how he did it in today's episode.

Tools To Thrive

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Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • Got settled in SoCal in 2002 and wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • Did direct marketing and lead generation in real estate and then 2008 collapsed.
  • Went back to Miami and it took him two years to realize he had to start over.
  • Was planning on coming to see Tony Robbins in SoCal and his friend introduced him to a co-worker of Tony Robbins and they hit it off.
    • Sebastian sent his video to her and she loved it and him and his energy.
    • He sent Social Buzz and TV to his designer and three days later he had this logo and a YouTube channel.
    • He realized he had to do more than just teach. He had to really walk them through how to connect and grow a business.
    • He started connecting with people, building his own business and bootcamps.
  • In 2011 he launched and it took a year to really make it profitable.
  • Now he’s the brand ambassador for his clients and leverages his bow tie to help his clients grow.
  • We’re living in an age of storytelling and disruption.
  • He was cast for a reality show on Fox a couple of years ago and he flew out in one day for a 15-minute meeting. He wandered over to Times Square and realized he was standing in the advertising mecca of the world but everyone was looking down at their phones.
  • Storytelling allows people to talk about what they like and care about. If brands can figure out how to become the go-to source for what they do by “enrolling people” into their stories and build an emotional connection they’ll win.
  • The days of shoving stuff down the throats of your prospects are over.
  • The prospect is ready to buy if they are in your ecosystem, meaning they are online learning and reading and watching and studying about their purchase. If you are doing this right they are consuming your content and come to you to connect and buy.
  • It’s all about H2H - Human to Human - selling and connecting and relationship building.
  • Customer experience is key.
  • Customer service is defense.
  • Heck, even the @CIA is now on Twitter.
  • It’s more cost effective to socially listen and gamble on reaching out proactively to your prospects mentioning what you do like a guy mentioning “I’m going for a run” and then Nike ships him 6 pairs of shoes.
  • Twitter has replaced the telephone. It bypasses the gatekeepers.
  • Tell stories around the problem you solved.

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