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The Sales Podcast

Oct 16, 2013

Chad Kusner's office door is closed...when he goes to the office and he's growing like crazy. He has now shifted His Focus From 10% Marketing to 75% Marketing His Business and Business Is Gooder than Good!


Hear the complete interview on The Sales Podcast with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.


Chad Kusner is a lifelong entrepreneur that is getting things done. He’s not worried about the government shutdown, slowdown, slimdown or lowdown.

A former loan originator he now helps people improve their credit via Credit Repair Resources.

When Chad got started with me he “wrote a ton of content.” He sat down on a Saturday and mapped out his entire process on a whiteboard. Once that was clear in his mind he began writing emails for each follow-up sequence in his marketing and sales pipeline.

Then he got a little more advanced by including some “If/Then” intelligence into his Infusionsoft application to send relevant, timely emails to his clients and prospects.

He now has 16 different sequences with about 160 different emails and he’s adding new programs, beefing up his API to get more out of his sales and marketing system and the future is bright.

To get to the next level he is pulling the system apart again to look at metrics and reporting to get the most out everything he has.

He’s on his third iteration on his site and people are loving it. Now he’s digging deeper to ensure his site is not only pretty but that it generates leads from the visitors that turn into contacts that turn into happy clients.

As he began adding squeeze pages and landing pages on his site with clear offers he immediately began seeing an increase in leads.

He built his business on a strong foundation of referrals. Once he got Infusionsoft he began advertising to expand his reach nationally and to expand his company. He is now “extremely optimistic” about what he can do in the next year.

Learning about new marketing terms and techniques like retargeting and since he’s not afraid to try new things he is fired up with the potential.

He has shifted his daily duties from 10% marketing to 75% of his time is spent on marketing his business.

He does not have an open door policy. “No ‘got-a-minutes?'”

Look outside your industry to find great analogies to grow in your own.

Don’t stop what you’re doing until you’re sure you have a viable model before you jump ship into the entrepreneurial world. “It takes 25 years to be an overnight sensation.”

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