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The Sales Podcast

Jun 7, 2019

  • He has helped companies sell over one billion dollars following his strategies
  • Branding is more than
    • Stories
    • A logo
    • How your store looks
  • It's the art of differentiation
  • We have a lot of choices
  • Know how to stand apart
  • Everything you do supports your differentiation
  • Be heard, be seen, be understood
  • Make your offering clear
  • Different is better than better
    • Stupid different is not better than better
    • Going head to head on features is not good enough
    • Open earlier
    • Give a foot massage
    • Open on weekends
    • Incremental changes are easy to respond to by your competitors
    • Apple gave colorful computers
    • Dyson made 5,000 prototypes and design to create see-through canisters to make other vacuums "old"
  •  We're too close to our own businesses

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