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The Sales Podcast

Dec 27, 2016

  • How to hire and motivate Millenials to hit their sales goals
  • How to show progression for sales staff without promoting them
  • The types of milestones you can implement to motivate your sales staff
  • The number one and two priorities...

Dec 19, 2016

  • How to make your parents happy while making yourself happy as well
  • Why it's not good enough to be simply good enough
  • Why it's "selfless to promote yourself"
  • How to determine how much time to spend promoting yourself and your service
  • The secret...

Dec 12, 2016

  • How to grow your leads via inbound marketing
  • How he generated over $2.5 million in B2B sales
  • How he did $50million+ in leads generated
  • How to Build an Inbound Marketing Machine
  • The power of free consulting
  • How to start your own MeetUp to create...

Dec 7, 2016

  • At at 13, Shawn Shewchuk asked his parents to buy him a book on business management and he read it cover to cover three times.
  • By age 19 he was knocking on doors to drum up business consulting work.
  • Despite being literally thrown out by a business...