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The Sales Podcast

Jan 26, 2018


  • Oren Klaff was a guest on Episode 142 of The Sales Podcast
  • I first read his book in 2011 and I kick myself for not re-reading and studying it more closely since then
  • At the core of Oren's pitching / selling philosophy is what he calls...

Jan 15, 2018


  • SalesDrive
  • Finds the "hunters"
  • The DriveTest®, three non-teachable attributes = Drive
    • Need for achievement.
      • "A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon." - Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Competitiveness
      • Peers
      • Win customers...

Jan 11, 2018


  • This book review was inspired by my interview of Chris Hallberg
  • Past The Sales Podcast guest and social media marketing expert, friend, and author Kim Walsh-Phillips first recommended Traction to me over a year...

Jan 10, 2018



  • Digital nomad in 2012
    • He had a year of funding in savings to make the leap
    • Build up your reserve
    • Test your idea to confirm there is demand
    • Can you land a client on the side while you still have a day job?
    • Start blogging on Steemit and...