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The Sales Podcast

Jun 19, 2024


00:00 The Challenge of Sales and Marketing Alignment

03:13 The Role of Location in Alignment Efforts

26:56 The Impact of Brand Advertising and Lead Generation

31:27 Challenges of Modern Prospecting Methods

36:03 Sales and Marketing Alignment in the Digital Landscape

Jun 6, 2024

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Pushing Through the Hard Days

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:00 Starting and Selling Companies
07:03 Discovering the Boring Side of Software
09:09 Acquiring and Turning Around an E-commerce Company
20:00 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Jun 5, 2024

Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Is sales dead?
  • Is closing dead?
  • For higher ticket sales, you need great salespeople
  • MDR, SDR, Account Executives
    • SDRs are reaching out cold (Sales Development Reps)
    • MDRs reach out after you opt-in for something (Marketing Development Reps)
    • AEs are the...

Jun 2, 2024

Feras Alhlou shares his journey from being laid off in a dry market to launching his own successful business. 

He emphasizes the importance of adaptability and readiness to pivot in the face of unexpected challenges. 

Feras also discusses the role of personal responsibility and the need to take proactive action...

May 21, 2024


00:00 Introduction and Air Force Stories
11:33 Sales as a Service: Full Throttle Falato Leads
24:27 Lead Generation Strategies
29:22 Pricing and Comparisons
36:17 Aim High and Provide Value


  • Michael Falato transitioned from a career in sales and real...