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The Sales Podcast

Aug 31, 2017


Aug 25, 2017


  • Hated his job out of college
  • Discovered affiliate marketing
  • Struggled for a couple of years
  • Was getting two unique visitors per week
  • Found Overture, Bing, etc and started getting traffic
  • Quit his job in 9 months
  • His profits went to $0 within...

Aug 21, 2017


  • Wife was put on bedrest with their third pregnancy
  • He was running an affiliate business and needed to streamline his work
  • He turned over 100% of his work to two of his staff in The Philippines who had already been with him for 18 months
  • They...

Aug 15, 2017


  • Former Marine turned sales trainer
  • Grew up poor so he had to sell to have money for hot dogs with his buddies
  • Was a bookie since 7th grade
  • Talked his best friend's dad intobuilding a wrestling ring in his back yard
  • Got into his college of...

Aug 9, 2017


  • What to do when you're new to inside sales
  • Inside sales is growing 10x-15x faster than outside sales
    • It's a lower-cost of sales
    • Better response
    • Betterreach
    • The client's are demanding it
    • Improves margin
    • Companies futz around and have some...