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The Sales Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

  • DISC and many other assessments
  • Four basic patterns of behavior
    • Dominant
    • Interacting / Influencing
    • Steady / Amiable / Relator
    • Conscientiousness / Cautious / More of a thinker or analytical type
  • Personal development, team building,...

Oct 27, 2017


  • Selling at scale
  • Large-production videos
  • Run them as ads on Facebook and YouTube and test them with the credit cards of the buyers!
  • Makes assumptions when making the video about what is on the mind of the customer
  • For example, Nerd skin care...

Oct 9, 2017


  • From India living in Germany
  • Was not satistied but was young
  • Lost all of his money gambling by age 20
  • Got a student loan and moved to Germany
  • He did not know German but he did know English
  • Completed his Masters and got a job at Daimler and...

Oct 2, 2017


  • Content repurposing can help you generate more traffic
  • Content marketing is saturated
  • Too many people are producing too much content that is not distributed so it is hard to do, tiring, too limited in its modality, so your content is just...