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The Sales Podcast

Dec 18, 2014

About Today's Guest

Joe Ingram was an electrical engineer by degree. He was "good at making flow charts but not at keeping his mouth shut." Hear how he turned that inAbility into a successful career in sales, sales training, and entrepreneurship.

Tools To Thrive

Dec 8, 2014

Mark Jamnik:

About Today's Guest

The 2008 Great Recession made Mark realize he was “running away from sales.” Learn how he turned things around by choosing to be happy...and productive.

Tools To Thrive

  • Start Blogging Today: If you are new to blogging and need to put up a quick site and get real help with your...

Dec 1, 2014

About Today's Guest

Jon Ferrara on The Sales Podcast Session 97

Jon Ferrara has been in sales and marketing his entire life. He saw that sales were broken and decided to do something about it. He created Goldmine CRM with $5,000 in his apartment and helped them expand from 1989 to 1999 when he was bought out. Now he sees things broken...

Nov 25, 2014

About Today's Guest

Tom Blue on The Sales Podcast #96

Tom Blue was a Mississippi boy until he was 10, then moved so SoCal where he sharpened the entrepreneurial skills his grandfather passed on. Now he resides in Boulder, CO where he makes cool software to help professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs get hot leads...

Nov 17, 2014

About Today's Guest

Gary Loper The Sales Podcast 95

Gary Loper has worked in factories, driven taxis, was a massage therapist, and waited 15 years after graduating from high school to get his degree. Hear the rest of his story in episode 95 of The Sales Podcast.

Send Drunk Emails To Sell More

Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • Gary was always learning and...