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The Sales Podcast

Sep 25, 2013

John Saddington - Serial Entrepreneur, Prolific Blogger, Open & Honest Dialogue. 

John Saddington Started young at age 14 doing programming for Johnson and Johnson and bagging groceries.

Dropped out of Georgia Tech…struggled to get a “piece of paper” (his diploma).

Worked at Dell.

Worked at Fox News.

Being an...

Sep 17, 2013

Cliff Ravenscraft, Podcast Answer Man, Shares His Entrepreneurial Insight on how he got started podcasting as a hobby, then left his job in his families insurance business to launch a successful career as a podcaster. 

Cliff Ravenscraft is the founder of The Podcast Mastermind and (Generally Speaking...

Sep 11, 2013

Check out the show notes for Episode 19 of The Sales Podcast.

Barbara Weltman is an Attorney, Author & J.K. Lasser Small Business Taxes Guru. She wrote "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Starting a Home-Based Business" and is an Entrepreneur herself. She shares her success wisdom in this un-scripted podcast interview with...