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The Sales Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

  • Salespeople are good people with a bad rap
  • Salespeople lose sight 
  • Buyers and sellers have their guard up all the time so the transaction is prone to conflict
  • Typical salespeople look across the examples across the marketplace and do "what everyone else does"
  • Sales management is different from sales
  • There is no formal sales training program so bad habits are carried forward
  • Conduct surveys and field observation to customize the training
  • There are no shortcuts
  • Do you want to effect change or just check a box?
  • The book researched 530 B2B buyers
    • 30 behaviors
    • Big gap found
  • Through research we know that sales leaders and salespeople are born and made
  • Buyers commented the most on the seller follows through on their commitments
  • The phone is alive and well
  • Inbound is great but outbound is still effective
  • Buyers do not want fishing expedition calls
    • They want value
    • They want an experience
    • Ask questions that make them think
    • Be more purposeful
  • Before CRMs we had paper and tracked things about our leads
    • You can still do that
    • Pure persistence is not enough