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The Sales Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

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  • Keeping salespeople optimized
  • There is no "best salesperson." There is only the best for you.
  • They find great people who are sold out on your.
  • So a good person can over-achieve
  • He takes the burden off of the company to "keep that salesperson fed."
  • Good salespeople want variety so they like being part-time to stay fresh and challenged
  • Sales is an asset, not an expense
  • 25,000 sales conversations run through his platform each year
  • Most companies "plug holes with salespeople."
  • You need to think about your sales team sooner
  • Pay them more
  • Stop the revolving-door of salespeople
  • All referrals are not great
  • You need to vet your salespeople
  • You have to pay people to motivate them
  • When to pay a high base
  • Does cold calling still work?
  • Can I text a lead right away?
  • Speak their language
  • Few know what their problems are
  • "Consultative selling" is over-blown
  • You know your industry and what your ideal clients are dealing with

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