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The Sales Podcast

Feb 12, 2015

About Today's Guest

109 Dean Rotbart

Dean Robart has been a faculty member of the Wizard Academy in Austin, TX. His "real background" came in the form of consulting Fortune 500 CEOs in managing their reputation online. He has done work for the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones TV out of New York.

Dean then started his own publishing and consulting company to help smaller businesses understand how media and journalism works through his program formerly known as “Newsroom Confidential,” now called “Buzz Snatching.”

Tools To Thrive

What you'll learn in today's interview

  • How to get more than your fair share of publicity WITHOUT dipping into your marketing dollars.
  • How to create something that goes viral.
  • How to determine the best medium for your message.
  • How to start your PR efforts when starting with a budget of zero.
  • How to build your audience when you don't have one.
  • How to get vanity to work for you in your marketing efforts.
  • How to get journalists to put you on their shows.
  • The difference between you and a paid PR person (and how journalists see you both.)

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