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The Sales Podcast

Feb 5, 2021

  • Got his hands full on purpose
  • He wants to be a superhero to people
  • Wants people to see their greatness
  • Got into some dark spots when he was idle
  • He goes hard and his wife lets him know when he's pushing too hard
  • He'll message people on Instagram and he hit up a guy there and went Live and now he's doing 
  • How to define success
  • Make incremental progress
Thrust is a must."
  • Not a big timeframe guy
  • Not a procrastinator
  • Do you have a responsibility problem?
  • Blaming and waiting comes from not taking responsibility and that leads to procrastination
  • Become a puppet-master, not a puppet
  • It never feels good to blame people
  • The victims are never happy
  • Grew up in a broken home...saw the child support and custody battles...lots of conflicts
  • Was living with his dad for three years and it traumatized him
  • By age 11 he told his mom to file papers and get him out of there
  • His dad was his hero...owned a masonry business...big strong hands and arms...wad of hundred dollar bills with a rubber band around it...threw a $100 bill at him and said "You'll need this when you and your mom are out on the streets."
  • He's stubborn to a fault
  • He knew others have gone through similar setbacks
  • Made up his mind to lead by example
  • His concept is rocket fuel: turn all the toxic crap in your life and convert it to rocket fuel
  • Started in sales in 1998
  • Dropped out of college with a 4.0 and he realized he never partied until he got to college
  • That was not him
  • He tried to please others in the cocoon of school
  • It got him off track
  • Was cutting his teeth at in-home sales
  • Closing deals that night...for nine years!
  • He was partying when he wasn't working
  • But he felt anxious. He knew he wasn't built for this.
  • He was not going at his full potential
  • Visualize your ideal life
  • Got into real estate and mortgages but he hated showing houses
  • His buddy was 90 minutes away at his mortgage office
  • Drove that 3-hour roundtrip for five years
  • Took a line of credit to have about three month's salary
  • It was a "burn-the-ships" moment
  • Don't have a Plan B
  • He was with them for 12 years but the owner did some dirty things
  • He brought 22 employees with him to a new mortgage firm
  • He and his partners took minimum wage for six months and lived off credit cards
  • Got into $175k in debt from the company that backed him because they believed in him
  • I'm grinding like I'm broke.
  • Take yourself to zero. Grant Cardone
  • I gotta make it happen right now.
  • He invests money now in businesses, mentorships, programs, etc.
  • Constantly getting rid of his money.
  • Do your fact-finding and help solve problems
  • Don't approach prospecting to close a deal. It's to get out of obscurity and get known.
  • Only the good loan officers are still making calls
  • Don't think about competing. Think about dominating. "I'm the best. I dominate this market."
  • Get a big pipeline of prospects
  • Without that, everything becomes a problem
  • Be obsessed about growing the top of the funnel
  • It's a timing thing but your customers are always one deal away from being let down.
  • Be creative. Stay in touch.

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