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The Sales Podcast

Jul 29, 2014

About Today's Guest

Simply G On The Sales Podcast Session 79

GJ Reynolds - Simply G - is now a Playful & Powerful Warrior Entrepreneur, Author, Life Transformer & Rebel who Challenges YOU to have fun reclaiming your Life, Health & Prosperity! But he didn't start out that way. Hear how he went from being an Army veteran working in the telecom industry to a burned out entrepreneur to a media mogul living life on his terms.

Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • As a 23-year-old entrepreneur, Simply G didn’t know what he wanted to do or be. He joined the US Army then worked for Verizon for 5 years before they were Verizon. Today he has 476,000 Twitter followers but is not a “techie” although he enjoys technology.
  • Know when to get out of an opportunity. Had a major crash that helped him write a book. (Make your misery your ministry.)
  • Now he teaches/trains/coaches entrepreneurs.
  • He started a media network to expand his reach.
  • Now we have too much information and we can lose sight of “the mission at hand” when looking at business opportunities.
  • As an entrepreneur, you are a brand. When Simply G realized this he saw the importance of leveraging the brand and blending the brand to leverage it and develop it as a tool.
  • It’s important to love what you do and have the passion to get through the tight spots but you must be able to discern and look objectively at your business to have a clear perception and to make good judgments about your business.
  • Despite having his fingers in many pies - NASCAR, fitness, telecommunications - his relationships were the common thread.
  • There are fundamental strategies and laws in business that work for any business.
    • Business is business and it starts with leadership.
    • Mission first.
    • You can delegate authority but not responsibility.
  • He was a “Twitter quitter."
  • You can’t let fear paralyze you.
  • Entrepreneurs see things early, ahead of the curve.
  • False Evidence Appearing Real - FEAR
  • Sometimes the wrong people are the people closest to you. Set boundaries.
  • Building a radio network has been tough. “Don’t do it!!” HA!
  • He had an expert partner that lead the way and did the heavy lifting and it has helped him grow his Twitter following.
  • Everything he does for his brand fits together.
  • Richard Branson has one big goal right in front of him and stays focused on it. If it takes him towards his goal.
  • Three vital functions for any goal. They may be different for each goal, but break each goal down to its three vital functions such as fitness would be speed work, nutrition and rest.
  • Stay the course to complete the mission you’re clear on.
  • Find a mentor you trust that has been down your path and will tell you the truth.

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