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The Sales Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

  • Direct response marketing is alive and well
  • Advertisers were afraid of the internet at first
  • But the internet is the ultimate direct response platform
  • Spend time building relationships and giving away great content
  • The internet made marketers sloppy
  • Perry Marshall calls it Maze 2.0
    • Entrepreneurs always chase the next shiny object
    • Live vs. Recorded
    • Online vs. Offline
    • How to feel like you're everywhere
  • Get in slow but get out fast
  • Lists, Offer, Copy/Creative (40/40/20)
    • Brian calls it 41/39/20
    • Another calls it 25/25/25/25 by adding Technology to the end
    • Bill Bernbach "Adapt your idea to the technique."
  • Technology is not a crutch. It's a tool.
  • Go a mile deep to find your message.
  • You can't write copy by committee.
  • Great copywriters are great interviewers.
  • Gene Schwartz was a great copywriter
  • The 7 Characteristics of Great Copywriters
  • The New ABCs of Selling
  • We are all copywriters at heart
  • Great copywriters hate writing
  • It's hard
  • "Stealing is a felony. Stealing smart is an art."
  • Jay Abraham has a file of 10,000 headlines
  • Dan Kennedy builds walls to not get overwhelmed
  • Become a trusted advisor vs. just a practitioner
    • Join a mastermind
    • Highlight the unique knowledge you have
    • Build a list
    • It does take time
    • Take out an ad in the Penny Saver driving traffic to a squeeze page with your free report
    • Give and give without selling
    • Attract people to you
    • Lead with content
  • A used car salesman sent postcards each week with his inventory
    • Brian recommended sending them an offer for a free report
    • Be strategic

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